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Letter Write Tips for Russian Dating

1. When writing to Russian women, always use their full name. In Slavic countries, formality is expected, especially between strangers. Try to personalize the letter as much as possible without taking on an overly friendly tone.

2. Always be honest with your potential brides from Russian dating. This means disclosing your family status (are you divorced? Do you have children and how old are they?) as well as your basic details: age, weight, height, profession. Lying or embellishing is no way to start a relationship in Russian dating!

3. Don’t tell everything in the first letter. You want to make sure that the Russian woman has room to ask questions. This is a good way to find out about what her priorities are in a man.

4. Avoid boasting or sounding like a showoff. While women in Russian dating are attracted to success, it will make you sound shallow or even like a liar if you introduce yourself with a list of achievements. Keep in mind that most Russian women are looking for security, not a stuffed wallet.

5. Never mention past dates or relationships in detail. If you are divorced, you don’t need to get into the nitty-gritty. If the lady asks you whether you are talking to other women in Russian dating, answer honestly and encourage her to fully use the agency as well.

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