A VPN client you can download and that’s all!

Want to get behind the rock solid wall of VPN and have peace when surfing once and for all, but not sure if you can handle the tricky settings? Let us at Hot VPN tell you this, there are no tricky setting to handle – at all! We have a tiny software known as a VPN client, and with it, you can literally download your VPN settings and have them installed automatically. Download a VPN client from Hot VPN now (you will need an active account with us for the VPN client to work), and in a couple of seconds and a couple of clicks your 100% secure VPN connection will be up and running. Windows users, including those on Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 are welcome to download the Hot VPN client for free. It just can’t get any easier. We got all the links and details right here on this page, so there you go!

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